$ 449

Ever wanted your own interior stylist for the day to help you pick out items for your home.  Well let’s hang out and shop till we drop (well for a maximum of 3 hours anyway).  

Before our adventure, I’ll

ask some questions to get

an idea of the stores we will visit and add in your suggestions too. 

I’ll put together a shopping list and schedule for the day. No more second guessing your home purchases.

Have a solid plan in place for what you need and get advice the entire time according to your design needs.

 Appointment only


$ 349

We’ll ask for some information about the space like  measurements, general room layout, etc. and then provide 2D and 3D renderings via our interior design software  program. (also known as

room previews)


This goes one step further beyond mood boards to really visualize what your space will look like after the design. 

There are dozens of online software design tools to mull through to layout concept boards and renderings. We use a program that lets us easily lay out your space,

produce renderings and communicate conveniently with you.

 1 week


$ 249

Complete a brief questionnaire and we’ll create the building blocks for your design.  Let us help you plan out your space.

Have a design idea in mind with some pieces you  absolutely love but not sure how it will all come together

in your space?

We’ll create a mood board based on your design style that will provide a visual of how items will look in the space.

 1-2 weeks



 $ 199

Provide an inspiration photo  and share your ideas for the space via our survey link. 

We’ll provide you a personal color palette with an overall color scheme with the main color selections and  complementary colors.

Let us help you decide color selections. There are over a thousand shades of just the color white. With so many colors to choose from, it can be overwhelming to make the final choice.

1-2 weeks