Elegance Redefined: A Guide to Modern Classic Interiors

Modern Classic interiors – as the name states – is a mix of modern and classic aesthetics, combining traditional and more modern features. The basic idea would be sleek and clear modern lines with traditional, perhaps more ornate, furniture and decor. The two combined, especially expertly done, connect today’s contemporary preferences with a timeless, almost Hollywood glam, look. To explore this sophisticated interior design style a little more, let’s take a look at the main distinguishing features and talk about how you can achieve the look in your own home! Harmony, simple lines, clean color palette, and elegance redefined: that’s modern classic interiors.

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Modern Classic Interiors

There are a few things that make this style stand out among the others. The biggest thing, though, is likely its union of old and new. Understandably, this style is very popular in older houses, where you can grab and preserve the intricate crown molding, the original fireplace mantel, original wood floors, nooks and crannies, and other details while infusing the whole space with more modern furniture and decor.

Color Palette

The color palette of the Modern Classic style is rather simple, but there are a few core colors: white, silver and grey, light blue and green, and light and darker brown. These combinations allow the integration of subtle metallics and accent gem tones that lift the atmosphere of the room. Most likely, you will not use any busy florals, but monotone patterns are common (as seen in the chandelier in the photo below). Subtle colors, familiar tones, and a warmer palette overall helps define the Modern Classic room.


Similar to colors, there are a few key materials which help achieve the Modern Classic style. Luxurious metals, such as brass and copper, along with glass and marble are perfect for items like shelves, chandeliers and lights, desks, and side tables. While hardwood and velvet are great options for sofas, lounge and accent chairs, coffee tables, headboards, and various functional decorative pieces. While natural stone, such a marble, is a great option, it is easy to go too minimal with it. However, used in moderation, marble and other stones help add a touch of an old world feel.


Modern Classic furniture leans towards high quality traditional pieces. Choose more architectural and decorative silhouettes, think turn of the century styles from across the world. Go eclectic as much as possible but but tie everything together in materials and color palette. For Modern Classic, there’s nothing wrong with prioritizing comfort and softer pieces. Where you can, have wooden floors that you can decorate with pretty area rugs in a good neutral tone or subtle pattern.


When it comes to decorating, it’s best to avoid large and bold patterns. But feel free to experiment with solid and small prints or even some stripes. Furthermore, you can decorate with vintage or rustic furniture, old photos, lamps and bowls, and antique vases and sculptural pieces. If you want to go more dramatic, you might have to purchase a bold art piece or antiquity as well. But always go with elegance and sophistication.

Modern Classic Aesthetic:

  • Mixture of traditional and contemporary
  • Elegant and sophisticated interior
  • Sleek and clear lines
  • Traditional furniture
  • Rich pastel colors with luxurious materials

Modern Classic Design Inspirations

Here are some inspiration photos to jog your creativity!

My Suggested Vendors

Here are some of my favorite vendors for the Modern Classic design style…

  • Modern History
  • Caracole
  • Hooker Furniture
  • Ambella Home
  • Moe’s Home Collection
  • Jonathan Adler
  • Bernhardt
  • Century Furniture
  • Arteriors
  • Alden Parks

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