Sleek & Sparkling: Infusing Modern Glam In Your Home

This week we’re talking about Modern Glam. The Modern Glam design style is a cousin of the well-known Hollywood Glam style, tapping into everything extravagant and luxurious. By heavily featuring velvet, gold, jewels, polished surfaces, and varied soft textiles, the Modern Glam look is easily brought into your home. You should feel like a prince or princess, Hollywood A-lister, or Gatsby when you step into a Modern Glam space. It is a great fit for people who enjoy sparkling and memorable spaces in their homes and have a special place in their heart for all things chic and radiant. Let’s explore this unique and really popular style together and get our glamor on!

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Modern Glam Style in Colors

Let’s start with color palette. While Modern Glam doesn’t have one specific color palette, there is a certain look you’re often going for. For example, a neutral base with pops of big, bold colors. But you can also go the route of pastels, or softer colors as the pop. It really depends on the overall feeling of the space and what suits your personality best.

A common addition to any Modern Glam color palette is metallic and jewel accents. Paired with neutral whites, grays, blacks, and jewel-tones the glittery golds, silvers, and even coppers along with actual crystals and glass become the accents that leave impressions of extravagance.

So you can choose silver, gold or bronze, black or white, pink or purple, green or deep red. Layer these colors and textures through art, objects, furniture, and more. No one item alone makes Modern Glam, it is the eclectic harmony that is established with the different elements.

With these options, you can personalize it according to your own style. Using only neutral colors will result in a more restrained and sophisticated look, while using jewel colors with dark tones will leave you with a more dramatic and moody vibe. You can pile on the detail, geometric inspo, colors, and textiles, or keep it more minimal.


When it comes to the materials, velvet, silk and faux fur are the best choices. We’re going for high quality, lush aesthetics that give the impression of dreamy and distinguished comfort and sophistication. For other surfaces, marble and more metallic really solidify the Modern Glam look, so feel free to utilize these materials wherever possible when choosing your furniture.

Natural wood does not often appear in the Modern Glam home besides the floors, and occasional furniture. If you do want to integrate natural wood, a great way to do that is through antique furniture. Again, it is best to keep it to a minimum, but an antique wood table, bureau, mantelpiece, sofa or chair legs, or something similar can elevate the room — especially in more moody environments — and create an authentic layer to the design.

One of the most unique items that can be used in Modern Glam designs is tufted or channeled furniture which adds a truly elegant and divine look for your living room, dining room, bedroom, etc.


Another typical feature of Modern Glam is dramatic lighting which can be used to make a statement, introduce another material or color, and add a little drama. Crystal chandeliers, large pendants, and expressive sconces or table lamps play a huge role in creating atmosphere and infusing elegance into Modern Glam spaces.


As for the other decorations, you can easily mix the main characteristics of the style. That means using gold framed pictures, unique statement furniture, large mirrors, and animal print rugs. Art is another element that might be a little harder; you don’t want blank walls, but art really speaks. For this, I suggest using more modern, avant-garde pieces, framing black and white photographs, or simply using wall decor in your chosen metallic finish. A huge part of Modern Glam is letting the furnishings, lights, rugs, and minimal decor speak for themselves, so art may not even be necessary.

Modern Glam Style Take-Aways:

  • You love the finer things in life and enjoy a refined look.
  • Unique shapes and furniture forms do not scare you.
  • Old Hollywood is your Roman Empire.
  • Embrace bold colors and patterns against a neutral backdrop.
  • The cooler temperature of metallic finishes are refreshing to you.
  • You love a lush, welcoming feel and don’t shy away from a little eccentricity when it comes to the details.

Modern glam Design Inspirations

Here are some inspiration photos to jog your creativity…

My Suggested Vendors

Here are some of my favorite vendors for the Modern Glam design style…

  • TOV Furniture
  • Safavieh Couture Line
  • Meridien Furniture
  • ZGallerie

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