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One Room Challenge Fall 2019: Home Office Color Scheme and Concept

Welcome back to Week 2 of the One Room Challenge or ORC! We’re moving right ahead with our storage room makeover to functioning home office.

This week we’re focused on pulling together the overall concept. So think colors, materials, layout and furniture and decor we will incorporate.

Inspiration and Mood Board

We’ve shared that the space will function as a cozy but inviting office that will help the client focus on their real-estate business free of distractions, have plenty of work space and storage for books and files.

So the overall mood is relaxed and functional and we created a collage with a few inspiration photos to get us started that we shared last week. Note: the general color scheme of the home is blue and gray.

Color Scheme

The client really liked this image because of the cool grays, it wasn’t too “fussy” and went with their contemporary style.

We had a few other photos that incorporated more earth tones but we’ll work with this one for now. I entered the image above into the free Canva color palette generator and came up with the following color codes…

Dark slate gray#446467
Light steel blue#D3DCDF
Dark sea green#AEB3AF
Slate gray#616969
Dark slate gray#181C1D
Deep sapphire blue (I added)#081739

Well we fiddled around again because we wanted to mix in more of a deeper blue so here is our final mood board…

Elements include soft materials, greenery, patterns and sleek furnishings.

You know I had to “glam” it up somehow so we’ve included high sheen pieces with acrylic and velvet.

Floor Plan

We really need to pack quite a bit into this space and need to maximize the layout as much as possible. Which is why we’re also working with lighter color furniture, silver finishes and acrylic.

You can use a tool like Smart Draw to help you out. My other favorites include Room Sketcher and Room Styler. Here’s a look at the layout featuring 2 bookcases, file cabinet, desk, bench, accent chair and accessories.

So what’s next…

We’ll continue to finish clearing out the room and remove the old wallpaper.

Then it’s on to prep work to install the new wallpaper and paint, finalize the fabrics for the window coverings, replace the closet door, replace the ceiling fan with new lighting and give the floors a good cleaning.

After that we finish up our shopping which is probably my favorite part, well right after install day.

Now every project is different so our planning process may differ but this gives you an idea if you struggle with where to begin.

Come back next week for more behind the scenes of the room makeover.

Now it’s time to check out all the other designers and their progress for the challenge right HERE.

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