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How to Put a Modern Twist on the Classic Hollywood Regency Style

Are you drawn to bright and shiny objects?  Well chances are you are also attracted to the glamourous Hollywood Regency style too.  This style personally resonates with me as I love the boldness, the high-end effect and sophisticated palette of these designs.

The Hollywood Regency panache stems back to the 1930’s.  A time referred to as the Hollywood golden age. Hollywood producers at the time would duplicate the larger than life screen designs into their home. The key was to have opulence in their living space.

Although Hollywood Regency designs stem from the past this is still a design option that is very appealing for today. Some people just love being over the top and if you’re one of them, then this style is ideal for you.  Basic?  Nobody wants to be basic!

In this article, check out as I share tips on how you can adapt Hollywood Regency elements into your home’s décor without overdoing it.

Source: DKOR Interiors

Hollywood Regency styling is all about glamour. However a lot is derived from the details. Glamour is supposedly expensive right? Wrong. You can tastefully get items from a thrift shop that will bring out the Hollywood Regency look in your space. All you need is a keen eye for detail. For instance, an exquisite brass chandelier heirloom with flame tip bulbs can be modified by replacing the bulbs with mode opaque ones and voila, you have a fantastic piece. The Hollywood Regency look is a combination of super fussy with super clean décor items.

Source: Hillary Thomas Interiors

The key to a Hollywood Regency look is making your living space a showpiece for your guests and that means having a lot of glitz, shine or sophistication. One great way to do this is by including lacquered pieces. This style makes use of lots of glossy, bright colors on furniture. You don’t have to change your furniture to achieve this. You can simply have it lacquered by a professional or do it yourself using spray paint. You can get the look by making very little modifications such as replacing door knobs with Chinese medallion brass ones and putting brass details at the corner of your doors.

Source: Jonathan Adler

To successfully get the Hollywood Regency look you need to have a dash of fantasy. This can include chinoserie wallpaper with patterns such as parrots, bamboo or pagoda. Fretwork should be heavily featured. For instance, you can have cane and bamboo chairs that have been painted a glossy green, white or bright yellow. Morroccan divider screen that are painted with bright colors or large French style carved lamps and mirrors painted silver or white could add to the look.

Source: Karina Gentinetta

Don’t spare Luxe. The Hollywood Regency style is also marked by velvet drapes, thick sculpted carpets, and silk lampshades. The whole point of this style is to impress. So the more outlandish the pieces in the space are the better for the overall look. However you have to be careful not to end up with a mess of amazing pieces that look great alone but make a big mess when put together.

Source: Unknown

To play safe, go for Gold to introduce that luxurious statement. Pick a few key gold pieces, and others with rich colors and patterns but let most of the furniture maintain a simple standard look. When it comes to palette and patterns, stick to two or three. Anymore and your space will be a hot mess. Your accessories although over the top should be cohesive and minimal.

Source: DKOR Interiors

Be conscious of scale. Today most sofas are overstuffed and large. The Hollywood Regency seeks to put more focus on the people in the room and less on the furniture. So instead of the normal puffy couch, go for the small scale novelty furniture such as a double chaise lounge and sectional sofas. The furniture is supposed to dwindle into the background. Because the style demand bright glossy colors, you can pick a chaise longue in a bright color such as turquoise. This is so Hollywood!

Source: DKOR Interiors

One of the key elements of the Hollywood Regency style is the use of bold pattern and color, sumptuous fabrics, curved lines, glass finishes and metallic finishes. Adding neoclassical elements or art deco is a great way of enhancing this look. Classic designs that blend in with modern furniture is a big plus.

Source: Hillary Thomas Interiors

Although it’s important not to overdo it, you are allowed to go big on atleast one item. For instance, you can have an entire wall covered with a mirror, or drape an entire wall with velvet. The key is to keep such large statement simple by not adding tassels or swags.

Source: Codia

If you follow these pretty easy tips when looking for elements to add a touch of Hollywood Regency in your space, you will have achieved this timeless style without losing touch of reality in your home!

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