How to Get That Wow-Factor Effect with Wallpaper

Ever walked into a room that literally took your breath away? Or at least had you in awe and astonishment? That’s what we call the WOW factor.

Most homeowners strive to achieve this look and one way that most interior decorators swear by is by using wallpaper. Wallpaper is versatile, meaning that it can help achieve numerous looks. Wallpapers can help you transform the look and feel of your home. Moreover, it has the ability to add texture, as well reintroduce character to your space.

A few years back, however; wallpaper would not be considered for such a use. Admittedly, wallpaper has come a long way since its inception. Its transformation features looks and textures from bold and exotic to beautiful patterns inspired by famous artists.

In other words, today’s wallpapers now feature a wide range of patterns, colors and prints sure to please any discerning eye. The options and possibilities when it comes to wallpapers are endless!

Source: Roberto Cavalli Interiors

How much space do you have?

Using wallpaper as part of your interior décor is not for the faint-hearted. It requires a lot of consideration and deliberation. Before picking out the wallpaper you prefer, consider the size of the space.

Additionally, determine the places in the house that would better suit wallcoverings. Bedrooms, dining rooms or even the foyer area??

Wallpaper can help break up a monotonous large wall space to add vibrancy and interest. You can either use it on all four walls or just one side to add depth and texture to the room.

Do match the color of the wallpaper with the existing color scheme of the room. However, if you are the daring type, you could try mixing and matching.

Source: Omexco

Textures and Patterns

Today’s wallpapers feature different textures and patterns. Some are dimensional patterns, and others give off the look of fabric, wood or even marble. Hence, you can achieve an expensive and intricate look in your space, for less. This is one of the reasons that today’s wallpapers are back on trend.

By using the concrete effect wallpaper, you can complement an already existing warehouse theme for the industrial look. Other famous wallpapers include the gilded wallpaper, map wallpaper and the atmospheric wallpaper.

Light vs. Dark Wallpapers

Wallpapers are part of interior décor and are considered as essential tool to design and art. You can use wallpapers to your advantage in manipulating the amount of lighting in a room. In other words, wallpapers can be used in a similar way as a mirror.

For small and dark rooms, go for bright/ light colors. Such wallpapers have the ability to reflect light and make the room look larger and brighter. This is also to consider if the room does not have any windows as well such as a powder room.

However, textured or dark designs can help make a room look smaller so consider using in a large space. Dark and textured wallpapers, for example, include the popular dark floral wallpapers. Another great example is Limerence Wallpaper in Ink, created and launched by the famous House of Hackney.

Source: Style Library

So check out some little known uses for wallcoverings to bring a unique look to your home:

  • Add a “new face” to your cabinets and drawers. If you’ve been cursed with basic builder grade cabinets, you know the look can get old quick.  Use self-adhesive paper for a modern face-lift for any lifeless looking cabinets.
Source: Catch Decor
  • I’m seeing more and more of wallpaper being used on stair risers. I simply adore this trick.  Go ahead and try it for yourself with your favorite pattern.
Source: Architectural Digest Designer: Candis Meredith
  • Ditch the plain white backgrounds of your bookcases and add some character. This is an easy touch to add a touch of wow to any room.
Source: Centsational Style
  • Did someone say 5th wall?? Don’t forget about your ceiling when it comes to decorating your space.  A beautiful wallpaper pattern will cause all kinds of oooh’s and aaaah’s in admiration of the space.
Source: The Daily Attack
  • Stray away from the typical paint canvas for wall art and frame some gorgeous wallcovering for a unique expression.
Source: Sara Tuttle
  • Have a bland table? Why not cover it up with some fabulousness??
Source: Unknown

So to wrap up, wallpaper has come a long way. It’s no longer the hideous prints of yesteryear but fast forward to present day and see why the love for wallpaper has been renewed. Now we have an array of selections from beautiful big floral prints to richer textures like velvet as well as unique materials such as stones. Today’s wallpaper features a wide range of patterns, colors and prints sure to bring beautiful character to any home.

Say goodbye to a tired and monotonous home, and say hello to a revamped look with new-age wallpapers.  Ready to bring the new look of wallpaper into your home?

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