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How To Decorate With Pink And Still Feel Like An Adult

Ok, so we can’t get enough of hearing about pink in the home whether it’s the blush tone for a subtle look or hot pink for a more dramatic effect.  I personally love pink and wish I could use it more in my home!

I remember when I was younger I let one of my girlfriends at the time talk me out of my love for pink because she hated it.  Talk about peer pressure!  Well never again and here’s to my renewed love of the pale red color.

Pink is a beautiful color that you can incorporate into your home’s décor and gone are the days of associating it with just baby girls and Barbie dolls.

Pink is not only for the ladies.  Some guys have learned to embrace the lovely hue by incorporating in their attires such as shirts and ties but it doesn’t have to end there, you can cleverly add pink to your décor following the simple tips laid out below.

So let’s dive into some beautiful pink interiors that don’t feel overly girly…

Well if you’re ready to embrace your pretty in pink try this subtle but also dramatic look on for size.  Pink with a pink leopard pattern carpet and accent wall!  All I can say is divine but only if you can take this daring look head-on.

Credit: Summer Thornton Design

If your palette is very calming and neutral, you may prefer a monochromatic look.  I love this photo that says sweet and feminine but still very grown up.

Source: Better Homes and Garden

I love this warmed up pink.  If you’re really into pink and want to go all out you can do so. Make pink your main color in your décor from the walls, furniture, carpeting and whatever else your heart desires. To make it more tasteful incorporate other colors, patterns, and textures.

Source: Sherwin Williams

If you like your pink with more of a pop of color, then this room is sure to please.  I love a  good pink and blue combination.  The deep blue brings sophistication to the room which we are all about!

Photo by Robert Peterson, Rustic White Photography

I posted this photo up not too long ago because I loved the color which is called Fruit Shake.  Here’s to a soothing and relaxing bath!

Source: Sherwin Williams

Get your pink on! Try using metallic accents when decorating with pink. If you have for example a pink couch, throw cushions with a touch of pink, include metallic accents in the throw pillows, furniture, lamp and other accessories. Mixing pink and gold will give your space an element of pure luxury.

Designer: Kelly Wearstler Source: Architectural Digest

Ok, what if you are just interested in some pink details on the wall??  Feature walls are often used as focal points in the space to center your eye and it helps inspire your rooms overall mood.

Pink is a calming color but be careful not to use the wrong shade excessively where it could obliterate any mellow feelings.  Having pink on one wall, however, will give you that calming effect and romantic vibe.

Blush pink is especially great because it also goes well with many other colors such as grey, black, brown, green and purple.

Marble is in so why not combine with your favorite pink shade??

Source: Kelly Go Lightly

Did you say pink and velvet in the same sentence?  The great thing about pink is that it’s a striking color. Just a touch of it can make a huge difference. Focus on having little items in pink such as vases, lamps, candle holders, throw pillows, and wall art.

If you’re not brave to have something permanent in pink in your home yet, you can still get that touch of pink and replace it when you feel it’s time for a change. Fresh pink flowers such as peonies or orchids are ideal.

Photo: William Abranowicz Source: Architectural Digest

Last but not least here’s a look for you if you want to embrace just a little bit of pink for your space.

You don’t have to have multiple items in pink. Choose one hero piece in pink and you can keep everything else neutral. For instance, you can have one big pink couch and all other elements in neutral colors that blend with pink.

I love this look with hints of pink and those ottomans are just right…

Source: Boco do Lobo

When sharing a space with the opposite sex and still hope to incorporate pink into your space, you can try the following:

  • Have one huge abstract piece of art that encompasses various shades of pink. Consider hanging an art piece over the fire place which will definitely get noticed but it won’t overdose your guests in a pink abyss. Pink in small doses is key here so think a couple of vases, lamps, pillows and other accents placed sparingly in the room.
  • Balance a space by including masculine features with toned down blush pink shades. This is a perfect combination of him and her!
  • If worst comes to worst and your partner cannot stand pink in your shared space, then find a private area you can have to yourself and go all out!  Perhaps it’s an office or small lounge area that you can have as much pink as you want behind closed doors.


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