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Ten Things You Need to Know Before Getting Started on Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Remodeling any part of your home is an exciting experience but before you call a contractor and get started on your spruce up, there are several things you must know so that you avoid disappointment in the end.

Tip 1: Research

Find inspiration photos that match your style from magazines and the internet. Do as much research about the various styles and elements. YouTube is instrumental as you’ll find videos that will not only inspire your plan but also give you valuable tips on how to go about the remodel.

Tip 2: Take pictures and measurements

Apps such as Easy Measure, iRuler and iHandy Level will be useful when it comes to taking photos of the space being renovated as well as measurements. Creating your design using a 3D software will help you visualize what your new kitchen will look like, better than a 2D drawing would.  Some of the popular programs online include IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner, Planner 5D, RoomStyler 3D, Smart Draw, and TurboFloorPlan 3D.

Tip 3: Select color scheme

There is a range of colors that work best for particular rooms. Where kitchens are concerned, yellow, blue, white, gray, red, and green are ideal.  These colors help produce a warm and inviting space. It’s good to choose one main color and use other colors as accents around your kitchen.

Tip 4: Check out local kitchen showrooms to piece materials together such as the floor and wall tile with cabinets.

You want all the elements of your new kitchen to blend and for the various textures, colors, and shape to be in complete harmony.

Tip 5: Selecting cabinetry

Before picking out your cabinets, consider style, functionality, and hardware. For an exotic look, pick cabinets made from bamboo, sapele or mahogany. Your cabinets should not just be aesthetically pleasing but functional as well. Think about storage space, and accessibility of items. How do they open and will that affect the way you arrange items obstruct other pieces in the kitchen? Will they make work in the kitchen easier and more efficient?

See my not so pretty pictures from a cabinet showroom for the different kinds of kitchen cabinet door styles.

Tip 6:  Select appliances and finishes

In addition to the usual appliances, also heavily consider the complementary doorknobs, lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, lamps, taps, rugs and other accessories. They should all complement the rest of the décor for consistency and harmony.  Stainless steel is still very popular but consider other finishes such as matte and black stainless.

Tip 7: Flooring considerations

A kitchen floor is likely to experience spillage and other food stains and substances so you want kitchen flooring that is easy to clean and not slippery.  Popular flooring options include wood, cork, ceramic tiles, linoleum, vinyl, natural stone, bamboo, and laminate.  The wood look tile is especially popular.

Tip 8: Kitchen seating options

Whichever kitchen seating option you go for, the key is to remember that you need a lot of moving room around the kitchen. Kitchen islands are a favorite to many because they serve multiple purposes. You can use them for storage, as a working surface, as a dining area, and some come with a sink make it easy to clean as you prepare food.  Depending on the size and layout of your kitchen you may also consider bench seating, booth seating and bar stools to optimize space.

Tip 9: Find the right contractor

Find a contractor who is licensed, experienced and has all the necessary insurance certificates and ascertain that these certificates are up to date. That way, should they incur any injury during the job, you will not be held liable.  Finding and working with a contractor is a complex process and there will be an upcoming blog post featuring some helpful how to’s.

Tip 10: Create budgets, timelines and sign the contract with your contractor so that work can begin.

There are several resources available online to help you manage your project to stay within budget and on time.  Be careful to thoroughly read any documents you sign before the job gets started.  An educated consumer is the best consumer.  Be sure all prices are shared upfront and do insist on a written estimate for all work to be performed.

Thanks for reading along with today’s post and hope you found it informative before embarking on your sophisticated kitchen redo.  Calming Ground Interiors offers a customized package to help pick out a color scheme, design a concept and provide digital renderings to truly envision your kitchen design.  Have your game plan in place before you spend tons of money with a contractor. 

Are you ready…

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