How To Design Your Perfect Warm and Cozy Reading Corner With a Hygge Twist In Five Easy Steps

We all know reading is one of the most relaxing activities to take part in as it offers an ideal escape from the verities and realities of life.  It’s a perfect way to unwind and enjoying a good book not only provides mental stimulation and food for thought but it also helps improve your memory.  Today we are going to focus on the best way to create a cozy reading corner with a hygge touch and a dash of contemporary style because I definitely believe in mixing up decor ideas. 

Hygge pronounced “hue-guh”  is a concept that is growing in popularity beyond its Danish roots.  I found this quote online which summarizes the concept nicely, “Hygge is all about using all 5 senses to absorb the joy of even the simplest things; the smell of apple and cinnamon cake; the words of a lovely poem; the feeling of lying in your bed in freshly ironed linen; or just looking out at the autumn colors in the garden. Hygge is everywhere; you just need to discover it.” 

It’s definitely about having a peaceful and zen state of mind.  It’s not expensive and if you enjoy being out with friends over a nice meal and good conversation then congratulations you already have the hygge mindset!

Source: Amara Life

Your reading corner should instill a sense of coziness and tranquility.  Infusing hygge in your home means including warmness, a clutter-free layout, relaxing music and subdued lighting which are all elements that will work perfectly in a snug reading space.   Hope you enjoy this read on five easy steps to creating the perfect reading corner for your home with a hygge twist.

#1.  Find the perfect location

Although most reading corners are created from unused spaces, you could also carve out a section in a smaller or medium sized space in your bedroom, living room, etc.  Either way, the best location for a reading corner should be furthest from all distractions or somewhere that offers some seclusion.  Even better if you can lock yourself away.

#2.  Choose a color scheme

The color scheme you choose will influence the color of all other elements in your reading corner. When choosing a color, consider palettes that give a calm, relaxing mood. It’s important to pick a color you love and then see if used in a lighter shade, it can achieve that cozy and warm feel needed.

Cool shades of blue, purple and green are recommended because they create a calming effect. If you’re not keen on color, neutrals such as white and gray can work. Avoid brilliant white on walls as it could be too loud in the room and distract from the calming feel. Instead go for softer tones such as egg shell, champagne, and tan.

#3. Layout your reading corner

When laying out your reading corner, you need to consider the available space, what you need to feel cozy when reading, and how much of that can fit comfortably in the space available.

One thing you’ll need is shelving for your reading material. Arrange your books both horizontally and vertically so as to create an illusion of movement on the shelves. If your space doesn’t have shelves, make use of standalone units or cascading wall shelves.

Include an ottoman for resting your feet, and by placing a tray on it, it can double as your side table where you can place a cup of tea or snack.  Blankets and throw pillows not only add to your comfort but they bring out that cozy warm feeling needed in a reading corner and enhance the decor.  You might also want to consider personalizing the space with flower vases, decorative boxes, plants, artwork, and artifacts.  It is important to remember that all items should blend with your color scheme.

#4.  Find the right seat

The right seat is key because you will not enjoy the reading experience if you’re constantly fidgeting from discomfort. Depending on available space it could be an armchair, a fluffy seat with throw pillows, a daybed or chaise. Use the seat as your focal point and then add the other elements around it.  I really like to mix up different styles and think this chaise from Safavieh will add a glamorous touch for a sophisticated reading corner.

#5.  Choose the perfect lighting

If there is a window in your reading corner, the natural light might be sufficient in the day time. Consider using window treatments to reduce the intensity of the natural light.

For night reading, you need to find lighting that is bright enough so that your eyes don’t strain, but also soft lighting is key for bringing out that cozy feel. Best thing is to combine different task and natural lighting to achieve both.

Remember don’t think of hygge as only for the colder temperatures, it’s a state of mind for all throughout the year.

Have a photo of an inspiration reading corner for your own home but too busy to put together the space? 

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