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Project Reveal: Urban Modern Formal Dining

Welcome to the Coolidge Urban Modern Dining and Lounge space! This project allowed us to instill the expressive dynamics of the urban modern look into a formal dining area. This dining is bursting with color – specifically, green! Let’s dive into the urban modern formal dining room that might just change everything you know about subtle design.

The Urban Modern Dining Space

The urban modern kitchen had an informal dining space that bled into the lounge space and kitchen area. And while this is probably where the family will gather and eat most, we could not neglect the formal dining area. In fact, it was a great opportunity to create a little bar area for the client and make this side room (that might not be as used) a hot spot during parties.

Continuing to incorporate the client’s unique style was at the forefront here; using their love of softer textures, desire for a more glam look, and a contemporary aesthetic as a foundation. This was a builder-grade room that desperately needed a breath of life. So we opted for a lounge vibe, comfortable yet modern furnishings, unique details, and plenty of color – starting with a navy blue and mauve, and launching into the world of electric green.

Formal Dining Room Details

This space really came together! But I want to focus on a few things we threw in there to really make this room a go-to hub. First things first, the bar. This hutch-like cabinet combination was perfect for creating a little counterspace and adding plenty of storage for bottles, glasses, shakers, measuring cups, and more. Then we put in the gorgeous geometric glass gold tiles, and it became a luxury mixology dream.

To create some bar-lounge seating we put the bench with its velvety upholstery and gold cushions in the corner so some before- or after-dinner drinks can be enjoyed in absolute comfort.

Gold and brass were the metallic accents that helped add a little refined glam and lift the whole room. From the wall decor, to the lamps and ceiling lights, to the wine fridge and hardware, gold added shine.

A Final Note: Green

Now, on to the most eye-catching detail of all: the green! I get it, it’s not for everyone. But we have to acknowledge the power of the electric green in a space like this one. It’s the wow-factor, and had a very unique role in tying in not only the gold, but also, oddly, the wallpaper, cabinets textures, and more. It was the balancing agent between all the other elements. Additionally, it allowed for some great decor options like the fiddle-leaf fig in the corner, the moss ball table centerpieces, and the more earthy-green cushions on the other chairs. When used properly, a color like electric green can be the difference between a dining room and dinner party central!

Your design dreams are just around the corner! If you want to transform your dining area, now’s the time to get on my schedule!

Photographer: Jason Shelton Photography

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