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Contemporary Chic Reveal: Family Room & Theater Room

Welcome back to our project reveal series! We’re headed back into the Glenn Dale, MD project where we worked on nearly every room in the house. We’ve talked about the fun re-design of the kitchen, living room and dining room, and the primary suite, which means it’s time to move on to the shared family spaces including the family room and theater space.

The Spaces

The family room primarily consists of an area for the family to gather and watch TV. There’s a small seating area with cozy dining chairs and another sofa area to lounge and watch TV. There’s also a bar that was custom build for this space where the family can keep and serve drinks and snacks.

Just off of this family room there is also a theater space with a large screen and huge, over stuffed easy chairs for the ultimate movie experience.

Mood Board Inspiration

As you can see from our mood board, we wanted to bring together the design theme, blending these spaces with other design elements from the other rooms and continuing with our gray color scheme. We wanted neutral colors like gray along with luxury details like plenty of pillows, some art, cozy chairs, and lots of places to sit, put food and drinks, and in general gather. The point of these rooms is family time, but we wanted to make sure there was plenty of room for guests and that all the surfaces were durable.

Family Room

The family room is a long space that needed to serve multiple functions. We have a seating area to watch TV with a large, black and white media cabinet. The two sofas helped create a separate space without completely blocking out the bar area. The media cabinet also gave the family plenty of space to store everything they would need, keeping it out of sight when it’s not in use.

Then there is the area for dining or playing games. The back of the family room is reserved for the bar area with a matte quartz countertop and custom made bar and shelves. Don’t forget about the textured green wallpaper that covers the walls behind the TV and the one behind the bar, capping the room off with a bit of movement and shine, as well as adding a new color into the mix. We added the new lights above the bar and made sure there were some other visual elements like the two-tone rug.

Theater Room

The theater room features two rows of seating to accommodate the family and guests too. We chose to keep the room light but added in black velvet curtains and grey patterned carpet.

The back row of recliners are genuine leather with automated recline which are super comfortable and mimic that modern movie theater look. The front row of seating includes swivel club chairs with an accent table to place drinks and snacks. For the wall art, we asked the family to pick their favorite movies so we could put up posters. Things like this take the designer out of the project, allowing the client to very personally influence the end result and infuse the space with their own personality. It’s also a great way to bring happy memories into the space and remind the family of shared moments. For example, Twister was the first movie the clients went to see together when they were dating. You can also see that we added a custom sign on the back wall with the client’s name as a fun touch that really marks this space as theirs!

This was such a fun project. Every room has its own personality and charm, but flows gently into the next room. If you want to see more, stay tuned because our next post in the series will highlight all the bathroom updates!

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