Sleek and Streamlined: The Allure of Contemporary Interior Spaces

Next up in our design style series is Contemporary! To me this is an updated take on transitional styles that blend old and new. For city dwellers who would like to spice up their homes, a contemporary spin goes beautifully with older architecture. The style itself is a combination of the industrial, minimalist and modern elements that come together to create a softer and lighter look, often with some bolder, moodier colors. So if you infuse your home with a cool and classy cosmopolitan aesthetic, this style is definitely for you.

Style Quiz

If you don’t know your design style yet, then you need to take our Design Style Quiz! This quiz is designed to give you a good idea of your general taste and what you should be infusing into your home. Our blog series will include more styles than are used in the quiz, so don’t forget to keep checking back here for more ideas!

Contemporary Style

Now for a fun exploration of everything contemporary!


When choosing colors, contemporary allows you to mix neutral colors with bright and bold ones. Usually, a base, neutral color is chosen and bolder, more moody accent colors are mixed in to create a clean but atmospheric experience that is still coherent from room to room. You can also play with using neutral colors and bright accessories or the other way around, as long as there’s a more minimalist feel.

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Varied & Unique Objects

The contrast of large and small objects and bright vs. dark colors adds life to your rooms. But make sure to keep it to the minimum with just a splash or hint of bold vibrant colors, metalics, sculptural elements, or patterns. And when it comes to materials, choose quality ones like chrome or stainless steel, dark hardwood, opaque ceramics, marbles, and glass.


For this design style, geometry, lines and silhouettes are really important. So you have to keep this in mind when choosing your furniture and décor. We’re looking for a variety of familiar and unusual shapes. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces and introduce some unexpected lines. Since less is more, try to choose clean and simple pieces without extra trims, prints or excessive decoration and details. Tip: Instead of purchasing small objects, choose bigger standalone pieces that pack a lot of punch all by themselves.


When it comes to decorating for a contemporary space, feel free to choose large and extravagant art works. Larger pieces will look amazing in your clean and simple spaces. Again, contemporary is about saying a lot with very little, being loud without too many extra details cluttering up the space. Pick out huge canvases, more modern, abstract art, sculptures or large vases, bowls, trays, and mirrors with unique shapes, and chandeliers that add drama.

Contemporary Style Take-Aways:
  1. Simplicity and sophistication
  2. Open spaces with clean lines
  3. Neutral color palette with slight contrast of bold colors
  4. Furniture and décor with clean geometric lines

Contemporary Design Inspirations

To keep the creative juices flowing, here are some inspirational photos that will inspire your design journey!

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What next??

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