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One of the first things a designer will ask you when you start working with them is what’s your design style. When I ask most people this question when we are about to start working each other they don’t always have a clear answer. It may be because they never really thought of it or like a mix of different things. So I thought it would be helpful to start a series on the more common design styles from my experiences.

Style Quiz

If you don’t know your design style, then you need to take our Design Style Quiz. So go ahead and CLICK HERE to take it. The quiz doesn’t include every design style we’ll include in this series but the most popular styles around today.

Global Design Style

We’re going to start off with the Global design style. This style is for my nomadic globe-trotters. I definitely fall into this category myself especially pre-COVID. Now I’m getting back into my travel shoes and have several trips planned for the year.

Global design can be described as those who love culture and want to display their world travels across their home for travel memories or conversation starters. This style does not shy away from patterns, textures, bold accent colors and cool objects. The color scheme can be light and bright to dark and moody with everything in-between. The most important thing is to have a clean backdrop to display all your unique finds.

Global inspired design style take-aways:

  • You’re well traveled and have lots of unique finds from your international trips.
  • Global design isn’t just randomly hanging souvenirs but thoughtful design and placement with your existing decor.
  • Embrace bold colors and patterns against a neutral backdrop.
  • Bring in plenty of warm wood tones for a more contemporary look and greenery. Faux plants work well too if you don’t have a green thumb.
  • You can be a little eclectic (blend of different styles) and a little maximalist (you like a full room look) to really pull this style together.

Global Design Inspirations

Here are some inspiration photos to jog your creativity…

My Suggested Vendors

Here are some of my favorite vendors for the Global design style…

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What next??

Save your seat to check out our own Mocha & Sage online boutique for even more choices when it comes to decorating your home with a global feel.

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