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One Room Challenge Week 8: Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Well I should say pre-reveal. Bad news guys and that’s because I didn’t complete the room.

One of the biggest factors that played into not completing the room was COVID unfortunately. Delivery times have been extended because of the surge in online orders plus reduced work capacity with some of my vendors.

I’m still waiting for my order to be placed for the mirrored dressers for the sides of the bed. It’s taken like 3 weeks just to set up an account which usually takes a few days normally.

Contractors were pretty much tied up as well and it took weeks to get on the schedule for the ceiling molding project but it was just too late.

Needless to say I’m pretty busted up about not finishing on time but I promise to update this post the minute everything is done.

Cheer on and check out the progress of the other designers and decorators by clicking HERE.

See you in a few days with professional photos of the transformation!

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