One Room Challenge Spring 2020 Week 6: Glam Master Bedroom Makeover

Welcome to week 6 of the One Room Challenge (ORC)! Only 2 more weeks to go and I’m starting to feel a little pressure!

I wrapped up one project and then immediately started on a living room renovation plus working on another rental property update.

So to say the least it’s challenging to find time to work on my own home.

Let’s go ahead and jump into what I’ve been able to do…

The dresser unfortunately is still in the box until I can manage to get it in the house. In the meantime, I hit up one of the only Home Goods opened in the entire tri-state area which was like an hour away.

I picked up 2 large mirrors that are perfectly glam. I’ll post up the pics in a moment.

I’m thinking to do this stacked mirror concept over the dresser. My ceilings aren’t that high so two should do after I measured.

I never really used the more traditional mirror over the dresser so I wanted to get a little more creative.

Source: Mirror-tique; Photo Credit: Brett Beyer
Source: storyboards.com

I finally decided on the TOV furniture Fifi grey velvet chair to replace the bulky accent chair I had in my room. I love the chevron design detail that complements well with the design in the accent rug and drapery trim detail.

Talking about drapes let me share my final decision on the window coverings. Instead of going with more custom drapes which are typically made from heavier fabrics I opted for more light weight curtains.

Tried to take a glam fabric shot here 🙂

This is going to save some money since I’m reusing them after they were previously used in my living room. They’re in excellent condition and a pretty aqua color made out of faux silk material. Plus I need to pop some color into the makeover.

I purchased this trim and attempting a little DIY so wish me luck…

I hope to have all the window hardware and custom rods up next week. As a reminder I’m updating to all acrylic rods with nickel details.

For the decor updates, I’m still pulling together all of my accessories. I picked up a few lux looks from Safavieh.

Faux Pheasant Throw
Safavieh Mimi Pillow
Safavieh Cami Cowhide Pillow

I stayed with the silver and gray shimmer details with some variation. I also wanted to add in darker hues too that will be used around the bedroom.

Here are the results from my Etsy pillow binge…

There a couple more on the way. You ask how many pillows can I get on one bed?? Well just wait and see!

As a reminder here’s what the bed and rug look like together

To wrap things up I want to share the last thing I picked up which are these gorgeous 8.5 feet faux palm trees. This goes well with the palm tree wallpaper accent wall.

I’ve always loved adding green accents to a space and realized that I need to add more to my own home. It represents a calm sense of living. Now even though mine aren’t real because I’m busy and really don’t need to kill another plant.

Now I just have to pick up some planters to put them in.

Well that’s it so see you next week! I’ll share my progress with the dresser and the ceiling molding idea hopefully.

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