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One Room Challenge Week 4: Upscale Master Bedroom Refresh

Welcome back to my journey on the Spring 2020 One Room Challenge.

Ok, this past week did not go as planned and therefore I didn’t have much of an update for last week.

I’ve been working on a rental condo renovation and we’re almost at the end. Just a few unplanned things like dealing with appliances and countertop measurement but we’re working things out and I’ve wrapped up my last bit of ordering.

Now it’s just waiting for everything to arrive and final install. I can’t wait to show you when it’s done.

My progress

But any way on to the main event. My progress with the One Room Challenge. The master bedroom project is slowly coming along. So let’s see if I’m on schedule.

My plan was to have the new ceiling fan/light fixture installed. The wallpaper was going up too.

I also wanted to have the bed up.

Happy to report I’ve got it all done.

Here’s a video of the wallpaper going up.  They make it look way too easy.

Here’s one final progress pic…

The bed is up and it is heavy! Very well made and love the nail head trim detail.

Here’s the new bed. LOL ignore the bedding… just temporary until the room is finished.

Then that old ceiling fan is gone and new contemporary one is up. It is so quiet and so much better than the cheap loud fan I had installed about 10 years ago.

Old fan that I added a honeycomb fixture I’m glad to see gone!

Last but not least is the new area rug. I never had a full area rug for some reason but that’s all changed now.

Silver detail is perfect!

So what’s next…

I need to finalize the pattern for the ceiling millwork which I’ve really been dragging my feet on.

I don’t think I’m going to paint the room again since I had it painted recently. I think the color works with the wallpaper. What do you think?

Let’s summarize my last bit of ordering so I can hopefully still make the challenge deadline.

Side cabinets

I really want statement pieces for cabinets for each side of the bed and not just regular night stands.

Briarcliff 2-door cabinet

Corner Cabinet

I desperately need to find another corner cabinet and the one that really fits in the room. I will mount the TV to the wall finally.

Cansler Accent Cabinet


We have a budget to keep to and if you didn’t know custom drapery and hardware can be very expensive. As an alternative I’m searching on Etsy for some deals on custom curtains with a decorative trim.

I’m thinking Champagne Dupioni Faux Silk Fabric with grey animal print trim. I love blending animal prints in a lux look.

Or I like this one too…

I’m going with all Cellcast acrylic rods and nickel hardware.

Bedding and Pillows

My bedding will consist of layers of white plush bedding and silver accents. I want to pull in pillows with zebra print pillows to coordinate with the rug. As well as the palm print from the wallpaper. Here are some options…

I adore pillows so I’ll have many more to post next week.

Table décor

As mentioned before I did return the table lamps because the color and material was not as expected. Here are a couple of new options I’m sorting through. Won’t be able to make a decision until I finalize the accent tables.

I have quite a bit of accessories in storage as well as moving things around the house. I’ll check to see what I can find that matches. I’m also patiently waiting for the stores to open again so I can hit up every Home Goods and Home Sense in a 50-mile radius 😊 

Ok I’m getting back to work and until next week!

Now it’s time to check out the rest of the designers and show your support! See you soon for week 5 updates.

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