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One Room Challenge Week 1: Upscale Master Bedroom Refresh

Ok, ok I’m a little late to the party but hey better late than never!

What party am I talking about? It’s the One Room Challenge and it’s back again for Spring 2020.

It started later this year of course given our current global situation. I was hesitant to participate because one of the current pandemic but also I have a lot on my plate now.

An active condo renovation that includes new kitchen and bathrooms, staging work and my full-time job.

I’ve also noticed longer shipping times which left me a little nervous if I would be able to finish in time.

But I kept talking to myself and decided to just move forward. So here goes…

This time around I’m focused on updating my bedroom. It’s kind of a long story.

When I moved into this house I just brought my old furniture which worked well in my apartment but not so much here but the furniture was in good shape.

Fast forward 10 years and it’s time for a change.

Ok, I’m looking to make some big changes but not spend too much money. I’m not huge on DIY so we’ll see if I do anything special.

The theme is a modest budget refresh that will give the room a more upscale feel. Not a complete reface but update older items and change out a lot of the brown especially the honey brown furniture.

So back in the day the rage was spa blue and dark brown. I loved the contrast back then but I would like to freshen up the color scheme.

I really tried to make my old furniture work from my previous apartment. It doesn’t flow well. The sleigh bed kind of cuts off the room and it doesn’t help that I ran into it a few times. I’ve got the bruises to show for it.

Also, the T.V. cabinet which I placed in the corner is now blocked by the bed so I had to put the T.V. up higher than anticipated.

Overall, the space could just be a lot more functional.

I did think I was going to keep the bed and dresser forever. It is good quality wood but after 10 years I’m tired of looking at it. I’ve lost my love of this golden tone wood furniture. Time for someone else to enjoy.

So what color am I thinking? Just like almost everyone else I’m loving gray. I’ve always liked gray and blue too. I know that gray is everywhere but bear with me.

To start I want the room to have an upscale, glam appeal but still comfortable look.

I’m creating an accent wall so wallpaper it is. It will have some glam elements and feature darker gray colors with silver.

Kiss Foil Palm Leaf Grey Gunmetal

I’m doing all new furniture. My sleigh bed is out plus the left over love of canopy bedding hanging over top.

New channel-tufted queen-size bed
New dresser (Color isn’t showing true)
New patterned accent chair
New ceiling fan/light fixture
New area rug
New faux palm trees

If all goes well with timing, then I’ll also do something with the 5th wall. Some type of ceiling moulding but more to come on that.

So let’s check out the entire To-Do list:

  • Wallpaper accent wall
  • Ceiling moulding
  • New velvet channel-tufted bed
  • New champagne and glass 2-door chests (2) on each side of the bed
  • New table lamps
  • New corner cabinet
  • Mount T.V in the corner at appropriate height
  • New dresser and mirror
  • New accent chair preferably with an animal-print pattern
  • New area rug
  • New curtains going from floor to ceiling with silver animal print trim
  • New lucite curtain rod hardware
  • New ceiling fan and light
  • Add feathery plumes, pompass grass for decorative touches
  • (2) Floor height palm tree in corners on each side of the bed
  • New artwork or use existing from my art stash (I do staging too so I might luck up)
  • New white and silver bedding with heavy layers and plenty of throw pillows
  • Place hamper out of eye sight

Ok, now that I’m running through the list it seems like a lot. I’m going to stay focused though and get this done. Wish me luck and follow-along to support!

Stay tuned for Week 2 where I’m going dig into getting the wallpaper and ceiling complete.

Now it’s time to head over to the rest of the designers and check out their challenge progress too. Click here… https://www.oneroomchallenge.com/orc-blog/

See you next week!

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