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Decorate Your Home for Fall: 7 Contemporary Design Ideas

It’s that time of year! You may be sick and tired of the classic pumpkin themes for fall, so let’s dig into what other options there are to give your home a contemporary look during such a cozy and warm-toned season. Oh, we’re going to add some bold accents too! Be sure to click each image to add to your home decor!

Yes, it sounds obvious but it doesn’t have to be when you pull the leaves together with the design of your home. You don’t have to use a lot of leaves to add to the theme for autumn interior decorations. You can use a candle holder or a bookend or something even smaller like a figurine to add leaves to the design of your space. Try using potpourri or scented candles to give the woodsy vibe to the space and the leaves will have more of an impact.

Nickel Leaf Bookend ($37.46)

There are other ways to represent the harvest in your fall theme without the obvious pumpkins! Try using apples and corn as ways to represent the time of year and you will get the same effect. Apples range in color so you are not going to be as boxed in if you use them in your designs, and corn uses more than one color in nature so there will also be more flexibility with that. Using straw to tie around throw pillows or rolled up blankets can also be a simple way to reference the harvest without being obvious.

Orchard Ceramic Apple Décor, White ($19.00)


You may use a lot of accents in the home to create an atmosphere but centerpieces are crucial in a seasonal interior design scheme. Whether you are using apples, leaves or something else, make sure that you have something clear to draw the eye as a part of that centerpiece. You can also get rid of the more obvious pieces and just create a strong centerpiece with the appropriate colors and that can have enough of an impact.

Festive Holiday Mixed Floral Arrangement and Centerpiece in Pot ($59.99)


The earth tones for an autumn theme are important for the interior design of any space, but there are some colors that are more contemporary and used less often. It is important in the fall to leave the space warm and inviting but it is also important to have accents that are going to add complexity to the design. Gold is a great accent for this time of year and it harkens to the shimmer of sunlight that filters through autumn leaves outside.

Gold and white stackable bar stools ($200)

Most people think of patterns for fall that reference the harvest like gingham or plaid because it makes you think of a picnic blanket or flannel shirt. There are some fun contemporary designs that include animal patterns or other patterns that are out of the ordinary but can still add to your design scheme! Cheetah and leopard print naturally use all of the same colors that are already associated with the fall, so it’s worth considering for a throw pillow or some other accent in your space.

Glamour Collection Metallic Zebra Print Decorative Pillow

Small Touches
The details are always what put an interior decorating project over the top. It’s important to have the theme and clean lines but without the details it is just a space. There are some fun kick-knacks that can add something unique to your fall theme in ways that you may not have thought of. Use a woven basket for your magazines instead of your normal plastic or metal ones. Try adding wooden figurines to your shelves instead of glass, or even think about adding small bowls with leaves and other natural materials inside to various tables in the house.

Metallic Woven Console Basket ($69)

Organic materials
There are organic materials that will specifically help you create a unique space for the autumn time of year. Of course, straw and woven baskets make you think of the harvest and can create an atmosphere in the space that you are designing. Wood can also support the theme but it doesn’t have to be professionally made. There are great DIY projects that can use branches from outside and tea lights to create a unique fixture to add to the space. Natural stone can also add an even more unique feature to your design project because most people don’t think of stone in autumn. If you get the colors right and the placement, it can be something really special!

Black Mist Coasters ($76)

Don’t settle for the designs that everyone else is doing every year. Embrace the autumn theme but do it with the flare of your personal style! Step into your closet and look at the fall-themed items that you have and see if you get any inspiration. Be sure remain open and flexible while you start gathering the materials that you need to get started because you never know where your project will end up!

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