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How to Affordably Transform Your Spare Room Into a Celebrity Inspired Luxury Closet

Your kids are off in college, your house seems bigger than ever and you keep staring at that extra room that nobody uses and have no idea what you want to do with it. You also have a shoe obsession going back a couple of decades and still store some of them in boxes under your bed. It may be time to combine the solutions to these two problems and turn your spare room into a boutique closet!

You don’t need to go full-on Real Housewives to create the fancy live-in closet of your dreams. There are some tips and tricks to home renovations like this that could help you create a beautiful closet without spending tens of thousands of dollars. Stick to these interior decorating suggestions and you should be able to live out your champagne-sipping dreams while playing dress-up in the best closet you’ve ever owned!

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The most important part of creating a beautiful closet space in your spare room is organizational space. Any person with an affinity for fashion knows that being able to see all of the necessary items is the best way to start the outfit selection for your day! This means that you need plenty of wardrobes to hang all of your clothes.

Some clothes don’t need to be seen every day that you wake up, like your pajamas or workout gear. These require an organizational space but not necessarily visibility. Try using islands that contain drawers to organize folded items like this. The top of the islands can be used to organize accessories like scarves or jewelry.

The least expensive item that will help your closet’s organizational abilities will be the hooks in the walls. Hooks in the wall are extremely cheap to buy, easy and cheap to install and they can open up a ton of space in your new boutique closet. They can hold handbags, belts, coats and all kinds of other things that you don’t want cluttering up the floor!


Of course, you want your closet to hold all of your clothes and allow for the best experience in putting your outfits together. You also want it to be functional so that you can keep it organized and also benefit from the way that it is set up. Since you are setting this closet up on a budget, each part of the space needs to have a purpose.

For example, mirrors are important but you don’t need an expensive one to have it be functional. You can buy frameless mirrors for very cheap and hang them directly on the walls of your room. You should hang several of them throughout an entire corner of the closet that you’re building so that you can see yourself in different angles of the reflections.

Another low-cost tool for making your closet perfect is shelving. Particularly for organizing your shoes, shelving can make a huge difference. If you look on Wayfair or at IKEA you can find shelving that is freestanding and cheap or you can find cheap Plexiglas or other plastics that you can drill into your walls and use as shelving. Once you get all of your beautiful shoes lined up on that shelf, you will see the improvement in functionality for yourself!


Interior decorating is important for any home renovation project. A boutique closet is not only special because of how it looks, but also because of how it makes you feel. A woman needs a calming and relaxing space to feel her best, so why not have that space be the same place where your favorite dress or shoes live?

There are cost-effective ways to make your closet feel homey and cozy. Remember those islands that we mentioned to keep your sweats organized? Try keeping some scented candles on top of them to get yourself in the mood after a long week at the office. You can even keep framed photos of your loved ones or some old mementos that will make you feel sentimental and warm inside while you get dressed.

Outside of the furniture and organizational material, there are non-essential items that can dramatically change the ambience of the room. Get some nice rugs to tie the entire place together. Use stencils to dress up the storage material that you’re using or paint the walls behind the shelving a nice, soft blue. If you think of the space more as a boutique than a closet, you will find that all kinds of things can be done to make the space both just as amazing for your peace of mind as for your wardrobe.

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Where to Buy?

I know, this all sounds like a lot and you were talking about a budget. Don’t let these tips scare you because none of this has to break the bank! Remember that there are stores like Target and Wayfair that have made buying inexpensive but beautiful items easy to do. Amazon is a resource that has made it even easier to buy what you need and to buy it in bulk for less money than you could have imagined!

You can also get creative to save money by purchasing certain things like shelves or wardrobes from Goodwill or other thrift stores. Often times, you can buy a few materials from Home Depot for $10-50 and turn that junked item into a dream piece for your home!

If it still sounds too overwhelming for you, then you don’t have to take this on alone. Utilize the skills of an interior designer and be honest with them about your budget. Give me a call for an in-person consultation for your next home renovation project and we will work on making a plan to achieve exactly what you want. You would be amazed at what a personal touch can do for making your dreams come true!

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