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One Room Challenge Week 4: Part I of Install Day

Welcome to Week 4 of the One Room Challenge (ORC) and our income property design project.  Need to catch up with last week?  No problem, just click HERE.

We’re more than half way through the challenge and it’s install day!  We’re going to break this down into two posts.  Last week we talked a lot about the construction side of things but now it’s time to see how we did with the furniture and décor setup.

Before we get to how install day worked out let’s revisit some basic do’s and don’ts of an income property space.  So whether you use Airbnb or some other service there are some general rules of advice.

No clutter rules apply. Guests shouldn’t spend much time getting comfy if they have space and don’t need to move things around.

Zap the family mementos. Nobody needs to see your childhood board games from 30 years ago.  Although this brings up fond memories for you your guest may be looking for a more neutral space.  Trips down memory lane need not be included.

This is a no-brainer but keep the space updated and clean. You want the traveler to instantly “feel at home” with their belongings.  Your guest shouldn’t need to do any tidying up or wonder if they’ve been transported to the 1970s.

Ok, so on to the install…   

The wall panels are up!  The old bunk beds have been switched out.  We opted for upholstered wall panels with metal frames vs. a headboard to really add to our boutique look but at a fraction of the price. 

The bedding is going to be clean, simple and soft. We’ll have a few sets on hand since there are a lot of washings between guests. For now, we’re going with this ultra soft microbrushed duvet cover set in navy and white.

I have to have some element of faux fur in everything I do. Not sure why but it’s a necessity. So we went for these amazingly soft blue faux fur throws from Target for each bed. They are SO SOFT! Did I mention how soft they are? 🙂

I found these fun pillows at Home Goods in navy and in white. I think they will make a nice combination with our print pillows.

Shimmy shimmy and a hint of sparkle…

The windows have been updated with light grey roman shades.  Roman shades are a nice option to add texture to any space. We’ll pick up a few extra sets with more color too.

Remember that photo of a bunch of pieces of wood?  Well glad to report it did make it to a dresser.  Once I got started it actually wasn’t that bad to put together.  We like the simple look and thought this looked nice against the grey walls.

The nightstand features a sturdy glass base to add to the clean aesthetic and marble patterned shelves to blend with our room colors.

We’ll get this cleaned off in time for the reveal but you get the idea!

We covered up the cubby hole for now with this lovely floor size faux plant until we have time for a permanent solution. 

Even though we want a boutique feel it still has to be no fuss to allow for easy cleaning between guests.  Which means I couldn’t get too carried away with accessories.  Hint: I’m a maximalist at heart!

That’s it for now.  Come back next week where we’re wrapping up the install. We have some last minute paint and patch repairs, talking about all about costs plus how to get creative when things don’t go as planned. 

Our professional photography shoot has been scheduled and I can’t wait to show you the big reveal BUT you have to stick around until Week 6 when we’re all done!

Now it’s time to visit all of the other featured and guest designer’s progress so check them out HERE!

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