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ORC Week 2: The Building Blocks of an Income Property Design

Welcome to Week 2 of the ORC and our income property remix.  Need to catch up with last week?  No problem, just click HERE.

So this week we are conquering the building blocks to bring this concept together.  That means talking about the inspiration, mood board, color, floor plans, structural progress and beginnings of the shopping list.

Design Inspiration:

The overall theme for the space is “Sophisticated relaxation in your home away from home”! The accent wall will be blue to keep consistency and complement the light gray colors from Phase I.   

Vibrant and rich blue nicely contrasted with light grays and white.

Color scheme:

Our signature paint color is Gray Screen from Sherwin-Williams which was used in Phase I and goes nicely with our blue/gray color scheme.  The accent wall will be navy blue which will contrast nicely with silver wall panels.  We’ll incorporate white, light gray and silver to nicely offset the dramatic blue and not let the space look too dark.

This color goes beautiful with navy blue and the warmth of the flooring.


We’re staying close to the original layout since two beds are needed.  The empty small closet will be removed to free up more space.  We’re keeping the dresser from across the beds but won’t include any other larger pieces so the room doesn’t look small.


We want to upgrade the flooring from the old peel and stick and opted for vinyl plank to stay within budget.  Specifically, we’re going with the sandalwood color of Golden Arowana HDPC Vinyl Plank flooring.  We went with the sandalwood color because it has some grey but with hints of brown to keep it warm.

DIY project:

So we always include some type of DIY in our projects but not too large scale because I’m not that crafty.  It usually just involves spray painting something.  So we’re using silver metallic spray paint for the closet sliding doors and frame.  They are still in decent condition but just need a refresh.


I originally proposed a very vibrant pattern for the wallpaper accent wall which didn’t go over too well.  Hey sometimes everyone won’t be on board with one of your ideas.  It was noted that we didn’t want guests having seizures during their stay.  I didn’t think it was that bad.

Ok, no worries went back and found this beautiful pattern which matches the pattern in the silver wall panels (will talk about those shortly) PERFECTLY!

The installation was outsourced via Thumbtack for $150.

Costs so far:

As I mentioned previously, we’ll update you on costs moving forward with this moderate budget project.

  • Replace ceiling including drywall and labor about $1,000
  • Remove unused closet about $100 for labor and was such a quick fix to give us more space
  • Recessed lighting was about $500 including materials and installation
  • Flooring $700 and with labor about $300
  • Wallpaper about $200 and $150 for installation

Shopping list:

Ok, I have to admit this is my favorite part of the process… when it’s time to go shopping.  We only have about $1000-$1500 to shop with so have to stay frugal.


We’re going with the metallic silver wall panels and metal bed frames.

Night stand

The nightstand will be white and marble to complement the colors and patterns in the panels and wallpaper.


This one was tricky since dressers can be pricey but we needed something white with a minimalist look.  We came across this find from Wayfair and thought it met the criteria of a clean look and those silver handles work nicely.


We’ll need several sets of bedding and it’s important they are suitable for heavy use since they will be washed often between stays.

Window coverings

The current windows have tension rods with curtains that have lived their fullest life and are ready to be retired.  We’re going with silver roman shades for now.  It wasn’t quite in the budget to do custom but something like this will get the job done.  I found these on Home Depot.


Accessories to me really help in making and breaking a space.  We’re going to incorporate bold (but not too bold) wall art, a table lamp for the nightstand and silver accessories for the dresser.  I’m also going to include a tall faux plant to add more texture. 

So come back next week where we’re finalizing our shopping list and checking progress on some of the bigger tasks.

Now it’s time to visit all of the other featured and guest designer’s progress so check them out HERE!

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