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Is E-design right for you?

Looking to get oooh’s and aaaah’s when friends and family visit??  Well get the model home look for less with this ONE resource!  To sum it all up in one word… it’s E-design or as I sometimes call it E-décor.

E-design has definitely become a very popular option these days.  Take the quick quiz below and find out if it’s a good fit…

Ask yourself these few questions?

  • Do you think of yourself as a DIYer?
  • Could you use assistance pulling together a room concept?
  • Do you like to shop on your own?
  • Would you like the chance to preview what your space would look like before you buy anything?
  • Are you running out of places to find unique decor and furnishings?

So if you answered yes to all of the questions then you should consider using E-design for your next project.

In most cases, E-design is a more budget-friendly alternative to a full in-person design package.  This allows flexibility for the designer to work virtually with anyone as well as provide services to those who may not need a full suite of traditional design services.

The process includes an initial consultation, take a survey, define your budget and then a virtual presentation.

Most E-design services will do everything virtually from online chats to electronic surveys to sending your shopping lists for you to purchase your items once the final design is approved. So let’s read ahead for some quick steps to find the E-designer just for you!

 Step 1: Online Research

Ok, so Google is going to be your friend here.  There are many terms for E-design such as E-décor, virtual home design, online home design and so on.  The terms home and interior may be used interchangeably as well as designer substituted with decorator, stylist or creative.

Let’s take that all into consideration and work up example search terms for you to use.  Your key search terms could include: edesign, edecor, virtual design, online design, décor, virtual online styling, home styling, edesigner or edecorator.  It’s optional to enter your geographic area (remember edesigners can work with you anywhere).

Step 2: Stalker Mode

Just kidding!  No one is stalking here but now that you’ve come across a few sites it’s time to narrow down your choices.

Look at their websites and social media channels to learn more about their design styles and inspirations.  This will help you figure out if their style meshes with your overall aesthetic.  Are there designs more earthy and organic?  Bold and colorful? or Breezy and Tranquil?

You’ll also get an idea of the types of E-design services/packages they offer and price point.  So now you probably have about a good 2-3 prospects to contact.

Step 3: Your Vision and Investment

In most cases it will be helpful to have an idea of what you hope to achieve with your space as well as your budget.  What are you comfortable spending? The edesigner will let you know if they can work within your price point and if they can move forward with the project. It helps the process if you are realistic about your funds so the designer is not spinning their wheels and using up valuable resources on a design you can’t afford in the first place.

Step 4: First Contact

Now it’s time to reach out.  Most E-designers have free 20 or 30 minute virtual consultations (Skype, Facetime, etc.) to get a feel for you and if this is a job they can accept. It’s to help get a feel for the scope of the project, how many rooms to design, your vision and investment and other details to see if there is a match.

I say match because it’s very much a relationship. Your home is personal and if it’s not a good fit you don’t want to feel like you’ve wasted your time or get a less than ideal design.

Step 5: The E-design Process

This is a listing in general of what you can expect when working with an E-designer but note there may be differences since every E-design business may have individual differences.

Initial consultation for a match 

We’ve already touched on this but if everything is good then you’ll move on to signing some type of formal agreement.

Sign the contract

Yes, there is a contract. This is a legal agreement to make sure the edesigner does what they need to do but also they are covered for their work and to be fairly compensated. Please note that this protects you just as much as the designer.

Fill out a questionnaire

Since we can’t be there in person to personally take measurements and assess the space, you’ll have to put in a little work for this part.  The survey will probably be very detailed and helps to get an idea for your style likes and dislikes, purpose of the space, colors preferences, mood for space, what’s staying and what’s going, etc.

You’ll also need to take photos and measurements of each space to be decorated.  This is an important step and must be as accurate as possible.  Most sites will have some type of visual guide to help you through these steps.

Project management 

Most E-designers use some type of program to manage the design to keep track of costs, communications, invoices/payments, etc.  Most programs also have a client portal or login which allows us to also periodically check in with you to give a yeah or nay on the selection and costs of materials, finishes, furniture and accessories.


This will depend on the E-designer and package selected but most likely for a full e-design package you can expect:

  • One-hour Consultation
  • Inspiration/Mood Board
  • Color Selections
  • Floor Plans
  • 2D and 3D Renderings
  • Shopping List
  • Virtual Presentation
  • Installation Guide(s)

Your Approved Design

You’ll probably have about 2-3 times to request revisions on your design before you start accruing additional charges.  It’s important to be very clear in your revisions and able to make decisions quickly to keep the process moving.

Once your design is completed we do hope you love it!  If you notice any issues, talk with the designer to work it out. Hopefully, no legal course is needed but remember to look back on that contract if any serious issues arise.  Most designers want to develop relationships and we need your testimony and referrals so we will work quickly and professionally to resolve any problems.

The Calm Luxe Concept Board
The Suite Chic Concept Board

Step 6: Share the Goodness

Take pics and share with your friends so the designer can rest knowing they helped you and can add another successful project to their portfolio.

Final Thoughts 

I hope you found today’s post helpful!  You may be ready to move forward with your E-design (or E-décor) project today so remember we specialize in these services.

From design concept to putting it all together, we’ve got you covered.  We even offer rendering services as part of our E-décor package if you have trouble picturing items in your space or picking a color scheme. Renderings or room previews will help you envision the space before making any purchases.

E-décor packages can be customized for high end looks, to more budget friendly finds to somewhere in the middle to get the look you deserve.

We love working with different styles.  Just complete our assessment accurately and let us know your style preferences and we’ll incorporate what you love in the space.

We also stay in touch with you throughout the project to make sure we are meeting your expectations and we’ll even check in with you once the project is finished just to see how things are going.

Are you ready…

to get started on your project? Share what you’re working on and we’ll chat about how we can help.

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