The #1 design tips to organize your home that will save you time, money and frustration

I’m so pleased to bring you the second part in a series where I asked a fellow group of designers/decorators to share their #1 tips for the home.  Our last post included tips for picking colors for the home.  This time around we are focused on the keys of home organization.  Read ahead for proven tips from our contributing designers.  Be sure to check out their links under each tip for even more resources and design inspiration…

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Get rid of the junk!

I can’t say it enough but you MUST declutter as the first step in your home organization project.  Purge what you don’t need which will help you to determine how much space you actually need.  It can be hard to find ime to this important task but so worthwhile!  Only keep things in your home that are useful or bring you joy. Everything else is just clutter.

To start off you should start sorting through your things and put them into three categories.  (1) is to keep, (2) is to recycle (3) is to donate.  Going through this sorting process will make your life 100 times easier as you start to think about the amount of organizers you will use.


Source: Style on a Shoestring

Organize and then organize some more!

Organization is key. Organizers make the best use of space by offering storage solutions for the most needed spaces like closets, pantries, drawers and cabinets.

Companies like the Container Store offer solutions to storage problems you didn’t even realize you had. Browse their website to get a feel for what items you could use.  I personally like the use of clear storage and labels won’t hurt.


Image by: Style at Home By: Helen Racanelli Source: Valerie Wilcox

You gotta put the stuff somewhere!

Proper or shall we say “smart” storage is essential so remember to neatly store your belongings so that they are easily accessible (i.e. decorative baskets, bins, and storage furniture).  Remember your motto for the day is “Everything has a place and there’s a place for everything!”

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Think up not around!

You will definitely want to use vertical space to save room.   Be sure to find closet organizers that stack upright.   Pull out pantries for kitchens and bathrooms in addition to floating shelves also helps to give the less is more appearance.

Use the height of the room to fit in more of your belongings. Also, invest in a customized closet which will eliminate the need for additional storage taking up floor space.


Source: Modernize

Small spaces are not the problem!

When thinking about storage solutions in your room layout keep your furniture sizes in proper proportion.  You will get more seating from the right sized furniture rather than the big box sofas and sectionals.  Bigger sofas with stuffy arms take up room that a small side table or bench could fit in nicely.

Rooms can be multi-functional as well if you live in a small apartment (ex. Dining room/office combinations).


Source: Joss & Main

You can do more than one thing, your furniture can too!

If you have a small space, consider the use of convertible or multipurpose furniture.  For instance, an ottoman that has storage inside or a bed that opens to conceal storage underneath.


Source: Daily Dream Decor

As you can see the designers tips shared common themes to get you on your way to an organized home.  Don’t forget to check out each designers site for more inspiration.


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