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Turn a boring and dated guest room into income generation

We all know that Air Bnb has grown increasingly in popularity.  You may be wondering how you can take advantage and add some cash flow to your income.  If you are interested in renting out a guest room, read ahead for some big picture and small details you need to watch to make your space profitable.

Making guests feel welcomed!

You definitely want your space to feel inviting no matter if you have a weary traveler on a multi-country trek or just the occasional weekender.  Your guests will love and appreciate if you take into account these 7 key things…

1.  Color

Color will no doubt influence the mood of your guests.  Our client wanted to refresh a dated guest bedroom from plain off white to something more dramatic but not overwhelming.  They wanted the space to feel fresh with cool and relaxing vibes.

Gray is all the rage right now and the client really wanted to incorporate that into space.  We opted for pops of blue as blue is a very calming color.

2.  Layout

It’s best to try and maximize space when possible so your guests have not only room to move around but places to put their things.  We worked to include the main essentials but not making the space look too busy.

3.  Furniture

Besides having a comfortable bed, we updated the desk and chair but included one much smaller than the previous and opted for acrylic which is good for small spaces.

The previous night stand didn’t match so we opted to bringer in darker brown for each side of the bed.  We removed the huge recliner that was taking up too much space in the corner and replaced with a bench that complements the cool grey color scheme.

New curtains were added along with room darkening cordless shades for the perfect night’s sleep.

A new corner TV stand was added with glass and silver details to also minimize the use of space but allow for in-room entertainment options.

4.  Bedding

We love a layered bedding look and went with a white duvet cover set with silver accents to brighten and complement the space.  We included layers of grays and blues for a very inviting look.

5.  Functionality

For lighting, we added two new lamps for the nightstands as well as new ceiling lights.  A new lamp for the desk was added for task lighting.  The room included multiple outlets for devices and chargers as well as free WI-FI.

 6.  A unique spin

Whether you have a tribal style, coastal, or more on the glam side make sure to pick pieces that reflect it in the space.  Here our client wanted more of a contemporary but very clean look so we added in glass, acrylic and silver accents.

7.  Final touches

I’ve been talking with other clients and noticed a common theme and that’s a focus on the 5 senses.  I definitely think you need to consider the senses as well as when you decorate your space.  Here’s how stimulating the 5 senses will help you complete your rental space look.

Sight: is your space visually appealing, not only with a functional layout but pleasing to the eye in terms of color.  Here we decided to add drama with a dark gray hue but not to darken the space too much we opted for a lighter gray on opposite walls.  We kept with a gray and blue palette for harmony as well as emphasizing our calm and relaxing environment.

Smells: soothing aromas, we kept it simple with a candle but don’t forget linen sprays too.  Just don’t go overboard in case your guests have allergies.  Keep the scent neutral and fresh.  My faves are anything linen and cotton.

Sounds:  You really want your space to be as quiet as possible.  If your guests need to unwind, here are a few apps to help with sounds of tranquil seas and soothing breezes.

Alexa App: https://www.amazon.com/Soothing-Effects-Distant-Thunder-Showers/dp/B003AMKMMQ

Touch: We used our décor accessories to really bring texture into the room.  From velvety soft throw pillows to a hint of faux fur, it helps to add a comforting feel for your guests.  Your window coverings can add quite a bit of texture as well.

What you don’t want to do…

  • No clutter rules apply. Guests shouldn’t spend much time getting comfy if they have space and don’t need to move things around.
  • Zap the family mementos. Nobody needs to see your childhood board games from 30 years ago.  Although this brings up fond memories for you your guest may be looking for a more neutral space.  Trips down memory lane need not be included.
  • This is a no-brainer but keep the space updated and clean. You want the traveler to instantly “feel at home” with their belongings.  Your guest shouldn’t need to do any tidying up or wonder if they’ve been transported to the 1970s.

Curious about the before photos of our guest room update?  Take a peek here…

One of our satisfied clients!

As you can see, there are many things to take into consideration for a successful rental space.  Being attentive, having a good location, leaving tips to help get around and pricing are just a few things that go into the equation.  Don’t be shy and leave a comment below of your faves for a relaxing guest room suite…


Need help refreshing your guest room space??  If you live within the Washington D.C. metropolitan region, we can help. 

Are you ready…

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