What is E-Design?

E-design or virtual home design is a good alternative for traditional interior design services.  Typical interior design projects includes a lot of in-person interaction to identify the client’s style, likes and dislikes and vision for the space(s) to be designed. 

The increasing popularity of virtual technologies such as video chats, design apps, instant messaging and the ability to have real-time project updates allows for more efficient and cheaper design options and facilitation of client involvement throughout the project period. 

The process involves scheduling an upfront consultation where you will discuss the project details and service options and price.  If you confirm service, you will receive a link to complete a survey to share more about you and the space(s) to be styled such as your vision, room measurements and uploading of photos. 

It helps to better understand your needs and prepare design concepts based on your likes. Details are provided to take and upload room measurements and photos.  Sometimes Pinterest can be used for you to share inspiration photos.

With the boom in E-design technologies, you can decorate your home from anywhere including the comfort of your bed.

So is it right for you?

If you are new to home virtual home design services, it may be helpful to first ask is it right for you.  E-design involves the use of online consultations, and project management resources to facilitate real-time communication, collaboration, idea sharing and organization. 

For those that tend to be more on the in-decisive side or would prefer to see and touch materials for the space, samples and swatches are sent as well as the option to shop items at stores near you. So no matter your preference or where you are in your home styling process you should find E-design an excellent tool to get you through any design obstacles or needs.

There are many options available to consumers to vision, plan and design spaces throughout their home on their own but the advice of a professional could prevent problems such as awkward furniture placement, ordering pieces not to scale with the room or wrong selection of materials (flooring, lighting, etc.)

It may look easy to duplicate that dream pin on Pinterest but soliciting expertise could be useful to avoid costly mistakes or design snafus.

What we do

Here at Calming Ground Interiors we create beautiful modern interiors for busy professionals through our online and in-person home styling solutions.  Spent a lot of money on your home but still want to live a posh lifestyle?  Have some bills to pay down but don’t want to settle for sub-par home elements?  At a lost when you go shopping but don’t want to buy that boring no personality furniture package?  Time to get rid of those mix match coordinates from college? Then enjoy a full suite of available products depending on your package or service selected including mood boards, digital renderings and shopping lists.

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