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How to Decorate With Faux Fur for a Beyond Cozy Space

Ok, I’ll admit it I have a faux fur obsession.  It seems like just about every room in my home has some fur accent such as a decorative pillow or throw or accent furniture.  Fur accents have been predicted to be a big trend to look forward to in 2017.  Not that we are all about trends and plus I think faux fur is here to stay.  The key is to know how to bring this element into your home to complement and not overwhelm your space.


Faux fur which essentially means fake fur or fun fur is made from synthetic fibers, woven to resemble fur. It was first introduced in 1929 but it was not until 1950 that it became commercially viable. Its increasing popularity has been fueled by the activities of various animal rights organizations as a great alternative to real animal fur.


In the 1950’s interior décor made use of a lot of animal prints on drapery, seats and floor rugs. Faur fur in animal prints such as zebra and leopard was used to create cushions, rugs, and throws. In the 70’s, the retro décor style was dominating and then faux fur was employed as a radical innovative material for furniture. It was used to make sheepskin throws on armchairs and rugs on the floor as well.

Fast forward to current times and faux fur is back in fashion. Thanks to the rise of the Scandinavian and Viking interior trend which focuses on underdone, natural and earthy textures, faux fur has made a huge comeback.

Faux Fur In Furniture Pieces

Faux fur can add visual appeal and sophistication in your home when used sparingly. It also helps add color, cordiality and texture to the space. Lately it’s being used a lot on furniture; including large pieces such as sofas and accent chairs.

Dining seat covers covered in faux fur give your guests a cozy feel while sitting. Since the fur spills over the edges of a chair, the fur provides cushioning for the back of the knees, thighs and rear. This can be especially comfy during winter.

They are also used on desks and coffee tables whose tops are covered in faux fur. It can also be used on smaller items such as throws for the couch or bed, or as foot rugs by your bedside or sofa.

How To Pick Faux Fur Items For Different Spaces

Faux fur pieces can be used in any space in your home as long as they blend in with the rest of the décor. You can have pillows, rug or throw made from faux fur in your living room. It’s however; best to limit the items to two at the most. They help add texture in a plain living room making it more inviting and cozy but you don’t want to overwhelm the space.  Remember balance is key for a successful room design.

It may be hard to pull off using brilliant white faux fur items but instead go for the creamier hues that look more natural. Using different shades of fur can add tonal variation making your space look more vibrant.

Look for faux fur items that are made with longer hair for your bedroom and throws. They give your space a more elegant cozy feel.

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